The Autumn Season

As the life of the world begins to fade, the light begins to retreat, and the cold returns to the Earth as the world falls hushed and asleep–Autumn has arrived. Autumn is a time of release as one prepares for the long months ahead. The dark time of the year has returned, as the light of the Sun begins to wane it becomes reflected in our Canadian landscape with the leaves (once green) turn shades of red, orange and yellow. The world seems quieter somehow, not so busy.

Autumn, truly is a time when the gates between the worlds grow wider and wider with each passing day. The Veil between the world becomes thinned and the Spirit World becomes much more accessible. During this time it’s not uncommon for various religious and spiritual groups to focus on the Ancestors and the journeys to the Lowerworld.

As the life force begins to retreat (to growins strength for Spring) Autumn is also a time of preparing relaxation. It’s a time of harvesting and reaping, all the hardwork we set forward in the world to build our lives are reaped at this time. For good or for bad, the world around us and what we’ve built comes into focus.

This is a time of thanksgiving, when we are aware of the harvest time, our Ancestors, our family and our Spirits. During this, of all times of the year, I enjoy doing a thanksgiving for my Spirits for all they have given me in throughout the year and to be thankful for  all that I have in my life.

The Autumn tide is a time we should reflect back on our community. What role do you play in your community? How can you build a better community? What can you give back? How can you express your gratitude?

This is a time when the Mysteries of Life and Death are most obvious.

Typical Seasonal Activities for Autumn

  • Working with the Ancestors
  • Ceremonies for Releasing and Shadow work
  • Building community, less focus on the self and more focus on others
  • Perform a ceremony of thanksgiving to the helping spirits
  • Baking bread, making foods from scratch, baking pies
  • Holding a thanksgiving for the community
  • Helping to cross over Earthbound spirits as the Veil between worlds is quite thin this time of the year
  • Creating a seasonal altar or center piece (for the home or dining room table)

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