Stone Ally: Amber

Image result for amberAmber is a powerful stone ally, though amber is technically fossilized tree sap we lump this potential ally as part of the Stone People. Amber is deeply connected to the sea and the ancestors, and thus I primarily use it as a stone to connect to the beloved Ancestors known and unknown. It’s also a stone of wisdom, and helps us to gain wisdom.

It can help bring clarity to a situation but is also a stone to help manifest a goal or bring about a desire. It is a stone that uplifts the spirit and helps us connect to our own inner light. Amber can also make us more alluring and attractive to others, helping to bring confidence and inner fire.

It also brings balance and a grounding effect.

To Connect with an Ancestor

Use amber to connect with the Ancestors. If you have a specific Ancestor you’d like to connect with simply hold the amber piece in your hand and mentally reach out to the Ancestor. You may wish to burn an ‘amber’ incense to help intensify this ceremony. Have with you a pen and paper and as you talk to the Ancestors record any answers, impressions and feelings that you get. As a protective and grounding stone, the spirit of amber will help to ward off any unwanted spirits and help us to connect to the ones we seek.

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