Power Animal of the Winter Months 2018


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Wolf teaches the lesson of finding yourself and your path

For the Winter months ahead it is Wolf who steps forward to guide the community into the New Year and through the darker months ahead. Wolf teaches us the lessons of finding our unique and individual path, really exploring our darker parts and integrating the Shadow but also taking what we learn (all that has hurt and all that has helped us grow) and use it for the benefit of others. The shaman is nothing more than a wounded healer and that wounded healer can come in many shapes or forms.

The scariest and most daring thing we ever can do in this life is to walk it as authentically and as truly as we can! And so Wolf steps forward helping us navigate our darker aspects that will rise and help heal and integrate the Shadow. Wolf encourages us to be honest with our lives, weeding through what no longer serves us and to preserver. The hunter does not always eat, but the determination to push forward to successfully hunt to live and to survive is strong. Sometimes our will falters and we lose our way and Wolf will help those during these colder months to push forward and redirect them upon their path.

Wolf teaches us the importance of reflection. To truly look at ones life and mend those things that are in need of mending and letting go of those things that no longer serve us.

Community and the building of community is another gift that Wolf comes to bring. We all require and need a healthy support network, especially when life gets difficult. Thus, Wolf comes forward to help you weed through those people who are helping your life or hindering it. Do not cling to people who hold you down or try to control or dominate your life. Allow people to lead and facilitate true healing and guidance but do not allow others to simply control your life in their favor. You are here for a reason, find that reason!

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