My name is John Ford and I am the main facilitator and coordinator of theĀ Shamanic Circle of Totemic Procession, a small shamanic/journey group founded in Hamilton, ON.

I have been actively practicing shamanism since 2013, working with a small group of individuals I have been working with for almost a decade. Welcome to my blog! This blog was created with the intention of guiding people on their first steps in shamanism, and more specifically Neoshamanism/Core Shamanism.

I am a spiritual practitioner, psychic and a medium. This blog, however, will focus primarily on the practices of shamanism and how you as an individual can incorporate the practice in your daily life.

This blog will focus on many of the aspects of Core Shamanism and Neoshamanism, exploring both the pros and cons of the practice. It will explore many of the authors who present Neoshamanic practices and thus reviews of their work. It will explore many of the topics of shamanism from helping spirits, to power animals, to plant medicine, to the shamanic journey.

I hope to provide a reliable and helpful resource for any and all who come to read.

You may find a variety of simple but effective ceremonies and shamanic practices to put into your personal practices, these can be found in the SHAMANISM IN PRACTICE pages of the website. There you will find a brief description of a Power Animal, Plant and Mineral along with a simple ceremony on how to work with these allies. You will also find a seasonal ceremony and typical activities I tend to do throughout that particular season you may or may not find useful.

I hope these will serve you well in your journey.