Candle Service

During times  of difficulty, during times or turmoil and trouble our spiritual lives often take a halt as the pressing issues of our day to lives come to the forefront. The Shamanic Circle of Totemic Procession offers a free candle lighting service for those in need of prayers, healing, supportive energies and guidance.

Candles are powerful symbols for prayers, wishes and desires at the SCTP is more than happy to provide this service for the community. Candles are powerful tools in attracting and focusing the attention of our helping spirits, giving them heat and energy, to help bring about our goals, to give them strength to help maintain healing and to bring the support we need.

If you have a wish, require healing energy, prayers and supportive energy you may wish to CONTACT us directly. Be sure to add as much detail as you are comfortable in giving towards your situation, preferably the SCTP requires the full name and date of birth of the individual wishing to receive energy.

Donations are always welcome to help support this service and the Shamanic Circle of Totemic Procession.