Journey Group

If you happen to be interested in shamanism and would like to explore it further, the Shamanic Circle of Totemic Procession offers a free online meetups to explore and experience shamanism.

In core shamanism the foundation of our practice is that of the shamanic journey, a powerful ceremony that is performed to journey to the Upperworld, the Lowerworld and the Middleworld to communicate and work with our personal helping spirits. One way we can bridge communities together is by creating what one might call a journey group, also known as a drumming group or shamanic circle.

The purpose of a journey group is to share experiences and to build community. The Shamanic Circle of Totemic Procession has both private and open journey sessions where members of the community can come together and work with each other. Typically, the journeys revolve around issues and on questions for one another. By having multiple people journey together it is often helpful as one acquires a new perspective and new information.

Typically, the journey session is determined beforehand for our open sessions, though spontaneity often ensues.

If you would like to be involved in our open journey group you can contact me on the CONTACT page.

What To Bring…

You should wear comfortable clothing, or you may also wish to wear a ceremonial garb or dress that helps you to shift your consciousness. You should have a pen, pencil, eraser, some paper or a journal to record your experiences. You may wish to have a rattle or a drum, or any other device that may help you in your journey. You may wish to setup a small altar, dedicated to the work that will be done. You may wish to bring a scarf or a bandanna (or any other item to cover the eyes) for the journey process. Lastly you may desire to have a cushion and/or blanket if you wish to journey on the floor.


The Shamanic Circle of Totemic Procession doesn’t particularly do what might be known as guided journeys, where a facilitator guides individuals into the Spirit World. Instead, the Circle entrusts that its members already have an experience with the shamanic journey. Thus, before one can fully participate one must already have an understanding and experience with the shamanic journey ceremony. There are a number of wonderful resources and courses available to you, as a student–include the ones that I teach as well.

However, a simple and affordable option for those seeking how to perform shamanic journeys can be found in the RESOURCES section.

A simple course to get you started that I personally recommend are the following:

Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide by Sandra Ingerman [BOOK]
The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingerman [AUDIO]

What to Expect

Typically, the ceremony is performed over Skype and the Skype chat is opened 30 minutes before the actual ceremony. This allows time for people to prepare their own spaces and also chat with one another. It’s a wonderful way to get to know one another and a great time to prepare oneself.

The ceremony is opened briefly with an opening led by one of the members, if they are comfortable to do so, or led by me–John Ford–to call the helping spirits and align ourselves to the work that we will be doing.

For 15-30 minutes there will be a small workshop/discussion typically related to the journey topic, and then the journey aspect commences. During the main portion of the ceremony the topic of the journey is iterated and discussed or may even be changed depending on the needs of the community. From here, we turn off Skype and we each perform the shamanic journey on the topic.

After 30 minutes the call be resumed and the period of discussions commences. Depending on the number of people who attend we each are given a turn to discuss our experiences.

The event ends with a grounding exercise and a blessing.